Sunday, December 1, 2013

Thanksgiving post 2

Hi again! I hope you all had a wonderful thanksgiving, I did! it was a blessing to spend the day eating, laughing, talking, scrapbooking and watching Hallmark movies with my family. 

food lots and lots of food :)

My Grandma always makes the tables look beautiful

I couldn't get this crazy to smile :)

hungry pilgrim 

helping our cousin finish her sisters graduation album 

Ok well that is all for today. Have a great night! signing off

Emily Ann


  1. I noticed, only 1 dorky picture of me, and i;m not even like legit supposed to be in it! #thanksalot #ifeelloved #wow #weusedtobebestbuddies #yeahimshunningyou
    luv ya sisaroo!

    1. I'm sorry Mary..but there are 2 pictures of you :) #atleastyoutried

    2. Ok well they are both super retarded, so like they don't even count!!
      #yeeaahididn'treallytry #ifakedit #fakingituntilimmakinit #yeahdidthatevenmakesense? #ididntthinkso